Kowboy Kustoms was officially started October 7, 2003, but of
course, there was much more before that.  Artistic work started for
me drawing dinosaurs and airplanes in church on Sundays.  As the piles
of drawings got thicker, the subject matter and the passion began to
evolve.  I began looking for inspiration wherever it could be found and
eventually I came to realize my interest rolled on wheels.  I sat and
drew the first example of my version of still life when I was 14, an
'87 Chevy dually parked next to us in the campground.  This became
the favored way for me to create; a lawn chair, a clip board, and
I first picked up a paint gun when I was 17.  I painted my S10 in a
shed at the local co-op under the watchful eyes of my drunken friends
who equally didn't know what they were doing.  In the couple years
following, I played around with flames and simple tricks on amplifiers,
model cars, and Dad's lawn mower.
After two years of Automotive schooling at Iowa Central, I made the
decision to attend WyoTech.  I was currently working in a diesel truck
shop though I had previously worked in three different body shops.  
That pushed my decision to take diesel class prior to the street rod
program.  Three short months of fabricating metal and being introduced
to both the airbrush and the sword striper, my life began to change.  
Shortly after I moved back home, I met the girl who I eventually
realized I would spend the rest of my life with.  Within time, I got
my first airbrush, my striping paints, and began to hone the skills that
I had picked up along the way.  
But time reveals all and I became a father on December third of '02.  
I was given my greatest project and that's when things started to
turn around, it was time to grow up.  He and his mother have been my
influence to succeed.  Without them and the support of my family,
especially Mom and Dad, I would never have given second thought to
trying to get where I am now.  
And now, after 5 years residence in Laramie, Wyoming and after
bearing 2 more sons, to Iowa I must return!  The oldest of the 3
already has his own airbrush and so the story continues...
It's good to be home!
And to think you actually read the whole thing.

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